Thursday, 7 February 2008

Agile - Scrum for Team Systems.

I'm starting on a new project at the moment and we are going to use Scrum for Team Systems as a project management methodology. More info on here.


Sprint is duration of work.
Scrum is meeting to discuss this duration of work

Product Backlog – list of activities eg
• Create install doc
• Implement AD security
• Create LOA workflow

Prioritise and Precedent your list

Add length of time to each activity.

Create Sprint of 1 month say this equals 160 hours.

Team MemberHoursTime AvailableDrag CoefficientTotal
Donald160 0.80.8103
Carlos160 0.50.216
Jim 160 1.00.9144
Michael1601.0 0.9144

Pick items from Product backlog for Sprint Backlog.

Expand each item from product backlog to have more detail and give each item length of time eg between 2 and 16 hours.

Get to your total of 407 hours and this what your going to do complete in the Sprint.

SCRUM is daily or regular meeting that is around 15 minutes long and has 3 questions.
• How did you go with yesterdays tasks
• Are any impediments stopping you from completing tasks
• What are you going to do today.

Have ‘burn graph’
Y axis max is 407 min 0 and is hours in sprint
X axis min is 0 to 15 days in sprint.

Ideally you will follow linear line down to 0 hours left…. But realistically you will have visual indication how sprint is progressing and you can react to it…

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