Friday 4 February 2011

Windows Azure Training

I have just attended a 2-day partner training @ Saxons training centre in Sydney.
Instructor: Ryan CrawCour - Intergen NZ

The course was taken from presentations and labs within the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit. The kit includes a lot of Labs, Presentations, Videos and Demos. It also has a dependency checker to ensure local environment has all it needs to do Azure development.
The following powerpoint presentations were shown over the two days (they were 95% the same as the ones in the training kit)
  1. Windows Azure Platform
  2. Windows Azure Compute
  3. Windows Azure Storage
  4. Intro to SQL Azure
  5. Windows Azure App Fabric
  6. Storage Strategies
  7. High Performance Applications
  8. Advanced Web and Worker Roles and the Windows Azure VM Role
  9. Windows Azure connect
Links - mentioned during course

Two recommended blogs Azure management links Other sites/articles

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